Jack Redmond

Jack Redmondis the founder and president of Fourth Generation Ministries which exists to:  Win the Lost. Strengthen Disciples.. and Train Leaders… to mobilize the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime.  His passion even more than doing these things personally is to help train, equip and release others to do them.

Each year Jack trains thousands of leaders and speaks to tens of thousands of adults and teens about knowing God and making Him known.  4th Gen is an outgrowth of his local church involvement where he serves on the staff of Christ Church in Montclair and Rockaway, NJ as part of the leadership team, adult teaching team and Director of CHAMPION Youth Ministries.  As the youth ministry grew from 68 teens to well over 800 lessons learned began to be shared with other leaders.  Then over the years things progressed with speaking to adult congregations and regional conferences to stadium events.  4th Gen oversees all of these events outside of the local church realm.

The next steps of strengthening and equipping the Body of Christ came through books and the INFUSION Radio Program.  Thousands of more lives are able to impacted weekly and around the world through these avenues.  It all began on a warm summer night.  Jack Redmond walked into Christ Church in Montclair,NJ on a Wednesday night in 1997 to listen to the music.  He began to cry as God began to touch and heal his heart that had experienced the pain of living 27 years without Jesus Christ.  He had very little knowledge of the Bible beyond reading a little in the gospels.  He did not know that he could be forgiven and have a relationship with God.  He had never heard the gospel clearly explained or even knew what a pastor was.  This continued for over a month until he came on a Sunday morning and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the very first altar call he ever heard.

Jack was radically changed and walked away from a life of drinking, partying and the emptiness that it brings.  He simply began to read the Bible, believe and do what it said and starting serving and sharing what God did in his life with others.  He never settled into “spectator Christianity” and has worked in the community, as a church volunteer and then on staff to inspire and equip people to serve and share God in powerful ways!

His main ministry passion is training and mobilizing people to engage in personal ministry in their daily lives.  His heart is to win, equip and send people into society.  Whether this in on Sunday morning or on the many youth events throughout the years the themes of God’s power and people taking personal responsibility to do ministry, are the main focuses that each lead to fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime.  Prior to full time ministry, he worked in a collegiate and public school setting.  Academic background include an M. Ed. from Teacher’s College at Columbia University and an undergraduate degree from Rowan University.